Who We Are

An international farming community

The parent company of Limagrain Cereal Seeds, Group Limagrain, was founded as a farmer's cooperative in France in 1965 to improve the quality and availability of seed supplies. Today, still farmer-owned, the company has nearly 9,000 employees and has strategically placed cereal breeding programs in every area of the world where wheat and barley are widely grown.

Through the exchange of elite Group Limagrain germplasm across six continents, Limagrain Cereal Seeds gives U.S. farmers access to the best genetics in the world. Through cutting-edge speed breeding methodologies, we bring new, improved varieties to market in a fraction of the time possible just a decade ago.

Meet the Limagrain Cereal Seeds Team

Tatiana Henry

Chief Executive Officer

Tatiana is the new CEO of LCS. She has been working with Group Limagrain for 15 years. Before coming to the States, she was CEO of Field Seeds in Ukraine and Russia, where she established subsidiaries in these two fast-growing markets. Prior to that assignment, Tatiana was the Area Manager for sister company HM.CLAUSE, a leader in vegetable seeds. Tatiana holds both a business and master's degree.

Frank Curtis

Chief Operating Officer

Frank has worked for Group Limagrain for the past 35 years, moving from his native England to the United States in 2010 to launch LCS. Frank’s roles within the Group have included plant breeding, field research, product development, senior management, seed sales and marketing.

Dr. Jim Peterson

Vice President for Research

Jim oversees all U.S. breeding operations. Prior to joining our team, Jim spent 27 years in public sector wheat research, including 12 years as a professor of Wheat Breeding and Genetics at Oregon State University. Jim also served as Chair of the National Wheat Improvement Committee.

Tami Agin

Chief Financial Officer and General Administration Manager

Tami manages the accounting, finance, legal and human resources duties for the organization. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in accounting and finance from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. She also holds an active CPA license.

Dr. Jay Kalous

Wheat Breeder, Pacific Northwest

Jay is the winter and spring wheat breeder for the Pacific Northwest. He earned his doctorate in Plant Science from Montana State University, where he also worked as a post-doctoral researcher on the Spring Barley Breeding Project. Jay’s experience has focused on plant genetics, genomic selection, field breeding, and wheat and barley quality.

Dr. Marla Barnett

Senior Wheat Breeder, Central Plains

Marla breeds hard winter wheat for the Central and Southern Great Plains. She earned her doctorate from Kansas State, and joined our team in 2010. Marla’s research career has focused on wheat improvement, genetic resistance to insects and pathogens, and producing accurate genotypic data.

Dr. Don Obert

Senior Wheat Breeder, Midwest and East

Don is the soft red winter wheat breeder for the Midwest and Eastern region, working at our research station in Lafayette, Indiana. He earned his doctorate in Plant Breeding and Genetics from Kansas State University in 1998. Before joining LCS, Don spent 8 years as a barley and oats breeder for ARS in Idaho.

Hayley Butler

Quality Manager

Hayley evaluates milling and baking quality for all U.S. breeding stocks and varieties. Prior to joining the team, she spent five years at Colorado State University working in wheat breeding quality, integrated pest management and entomology. Hayley has also done research in the private sector with Monsanto Soybean Breeding in the Midwest.

Mike Flowers

Product Development Manager

Mike manages U.S. seed stock production and works closely with the research and commercial teams to bring new varieties to producers. He earned his doctorate in Crop Science from North Carolina State University in 2002. Prior to joining LCS, Mike worked in crop consulting, precision agriculture, basic research, variety testing and as an associate professor and extension cereal specialist for Oregon State University.

Zach Gaines

Technical and Marketing Manager

Zach oversees marketing, promotion and technical data management for LCS. He earned his bachelor's from Colorado State University and a master’s in agribusiness from Kansas State University. Prior to joining LCS, he spent 10 years working for Anheuser-Busch, first in the Fort Collins malt barley breeding program and then in the Los Angeles brewery.

Ken McClintock

Regional Sales Manager, Midwest

Ken’s dedication to the seed business has involved production, marketing and genetic research in all the major grains. Most recently, his skills helped advance soybean and wheat genetics. Ken has a keen interest in working with the LCS research team to deliver the most advanced wheat genetics for the seed industry.

Drew Hendricker

Regional Sales Manager, Central Plains

Drew leads sales efforts for our red winter wheat program in the Central Plains. He brings over 9 years of agricultural experience to LCS, including roles in Ag retail, precision Ag, crop production, seed sales and marketing.

Russell Oberg

Regional Sales Manager, Northern Plains

Russell has a great deal of seed sales experience in the Northern Plains, in both retail and business-to-business roles. He offers technical and commercial support to LCS distributors in Minnesota, Montana and the Dakotas and looks forward to expanding distribution as the LCS portfolio of varieties continues to grow.

Gary Moore

Regional Sales Manager, East and South

Gary leads efforts in the southern and eastern states for the Limagrain Cereal Seeds commercial sales team. He brings nearly 40 years of experience to LCS — all in the seed business for major crops, from production to marketing to genetic research.

Yohanna Wallace


Yohanna works directly with Tami Agin as part of the accounting team. She has a bachelor's degree in accounting and is currently pursuing her M.B.A. with an emphasis in accounting and finance from Regis University. In her off time, Yohanna enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren.

Jennifer Sweeney

Sales and Logistics Administration; Accounting Assistant

Jennifer orchestrates sales and logistics in addition to assisting with accounting. She is a graduate of Colorado State University, where she received a bachelor’s degree in Equine Science. Since graduation, Jennifer has worked in dispatching, as well as the agriculture and accounting industries.

Brent Conrady

Research Associate

Brent manages aspects of performance trial planting and harvest operations in the Central Plains, along with agronomy trials for both wheat and canola. Brent grew up on a dryland wheat farm in northern Oklahoma and spent 10 years as a certified crop advisor before joining the LCS team.

Dean Wilson

Research Associate

Dean assists Dr. Marla Barnett in breeding wheat for the Central Plains. He targets the accumulation and analysis of data for yield and disease resistance. Prior to joining the team, Dean assisted the late Dr. Jim Wilson of Trio Research.

Jeron Chatelain

Research Associate

Jeron assists with all aspects of the Pacific Northwest breeding program, including planting, management and harvesting of variety trials and early generation nurseries. He grew up on a dryland wheat farm and has a master’s degree from Washington State University. He worked for five years with the Oregon State University and USDA-ARS breeding programs before joining LCS.

Jeremiah Menefee

Research Associate

Jeremiah assists with wheat breeding trials, from seed planting to harvest and ongoing data evaluation, at our research station in Indiana. He graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in environmental plant studies and a minor in plant biology. Prior to joining LCS, he worked as a research assistant in the integrated weed management lab at Purdue.

Tracy Richards

Research Assistant

Tracy assists Dr. Don Obert at our research station in Lafayette, Indiana. She oversees the greenhouse, selection markers, scab nursery and the increases at the station. Tracy graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelor of Science in botany and plant pathology. She worked summers for Sam Brown at Genesis Seed before graduating.

James Chand

Research Associate

James assists Dr. Blake Cooper with breeding wheat for the Northern Plains region. He facilitates trial creation, planting and management. Prior to joining the team, James was assistant cucurbit pre-breeder with Harris Moran and, more recently, breeding assistant for sugar beets with Syngenta Seeds.

Jack Mangels

Research Assistant

Jack has been with LCS since 2012, starting as part-time help at our Fort Collins, Colorado headquarters. He now works full-time helping manage seed purification and quality. Jack has a Bachelor of Science in fisheries from Colorado State University and lab experience in the CSU Insectary.

Kay Wood

Executive Assistant

Kay is the assistant to Frank Curtis and works closely with the sales and marketing divisions of the commercial team. A Colorado State University graduate, Kay has been with LCS since 2010.

Alexandra Velletaz

International Trainee; Quality Management Systems

Alexandra is part of an international internship program. A qualified food engineer with a degree in Biochemistry and Food Technology, Alexandra’s role at LCS is designing and implementing a quality management system to support the marketing of wheat quality traits with enhanced nutritional properties.