Last year nearly 3.6 million acres of barley were planted in the United States. More than 85% of those acres were harvested, averaging a yield of 72 bu/ac, and a total production of more than 1.2 billion dollars as a raw agricultural commodity.

In the US, a little over half of all barley production is used for animal feed, while 40% of barley grown is used for malt production. The remaining 8% is used for seed or human consumption. While barley is grown on some level in more than half of the states in the US, the largest producers are North Dakota, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Colorado.

US Malt Barley

In 2012, over 4 billion pounds of barley malt and malt products were used by the US brewing industry. 2,750 different American breweries used this barley to produce just under 200 million barrels (31 gal.) of beer. The Beer Institute created the map below showing producers by state. Visit their website for an interactive version.

Some statistics on this page were taken from the USDA/NASS website and the National Barley Growers Association NBGA