LCS Vespa

Class Leading Yield Potential

LCS Vespa is the first barley to be released and marketed under the LCS brand name. LCS Vespa is a 2-row feed variety with exceptional yield potential. Over the past 3 seasons, LCS Vespa has yielded an average of 119% of the trial means at southern Idaho testing locations - and 114% of the trial mean in the WSU 16"-20" rainfall zone.

LCS Vespa has a shorter overall plant height (5" under Champion), medium plant maturity and excellent straw strength. This agronomic package makes LCS Vespa a strong candidate for intensive management and irrigated production, as its stability is exceptional. LCS Vespa is a new and superior option for spring barley growers looking to maximize yield and overall return on their seed investment.

Zach Gaines, Technical and Marketing Manager

Agronomic Features

2015 - Northern Idaho Locations
LCS VespaChampionLenetah
Heading (julian)169.3168.0169.2
Plant Height (inches)26.031.329.6
Plumps (%)90.186.489.7
Protein (%)13.412.812.7
Test Weight (lbs/bu) 50.552.151.1
All available public and private PNW multi-year data used in compiling figures
2015 - Southern Idaho Locations
LCS VespaChampionLenetah
Heading Date (julian)178.0175.5176.8
Plant Height (inches)29.933.934.5
Test Weight (lb/bu)48.750.949.0
All available public and private PNW multi-year data used in compiling figures

Yield Performance

2015 - Year Average
Full data sets available online

Data Source:

To obtain the most accurate technical data possible, ratings and scores are comprised of all available LCS and public research data. The results presented in this guide may not be an indicator of results you may obtain in your individual location, as local growing conditions-including soil type and weather-may vary. All growers are advised to evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible.

Agronomic performance, disease scores and yield performance data from universities are available in their entirety at the following website locations:

University of Idaho - Southern

University of Idaho - Northern

Oregon State University

Washington State University

University of California Davis