Wheat — at the Heart of Civilization

The natural ancestors of modern wheat were discovered by hunter-gatherers in Mesopotamia around 15,000 B.C. and wheat was first cultivated by man around 9,000 B.C. Since those early days, wheat has developed into the world's most widely grown crop and is now the staple food for a third of the global population.

The Limagrain Group is currently the European leader in wheat variety development and our ambition today is to expand this leadership on the international stage.

US Wheat Associates describe six market classes of wheat. Limagrain Cereal Seeds has breeding programs in the four largest market classes: Hard Red Winter Wheat; Hard Red Spring Wheat; Soft Red Winter Wheat; and Soft White Winter Wheat. Varieties of Durum wheat from our European programs are tested in US conditions, but we currently have no breeding activity for Durum or Hard White wheat.

Please select the market class in which you are interested to read descriptions of our current varieties.