Varsity Idaho
Give weeds the AX in 2022

University of Idaho + LCS

In 2012, the Idaho Wheat Commission worked with the University of Idaho (U of I) to establish a collaboration with Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS). The synergy was undeniable from the start: U of I has excellent regionally adapted germplasm, and LCS has advanced breeding techniques and a strong global presence in cereal crops. In 2014, U of I and LCS launched Varsity Idaho, a joint breeding program where each partner co-breeds, co-selects and co-releases new VI varieties.

Investing in the future of wheat

Local growers are reaping the benefits of Varsity Idaho genetics on their farms. They are also seeing a positive return in the form of funding ongoing wheat research. More than $1 million in VI variety royalties were paid to the U of I College of Agricultural and Life Sciences last year alone.

Varsity Idaho wheat
Varsity Idaho wheat

Varsity Idaho wheat varieties bred for the PNW