Varsity Idaho
Give weeds the AX in 2022

University of Idaho + LCS

In 2012, the Idaho Wheat Commission worked with the University of Idaho (U of I) to establish a collaboration with Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS). The synergy was undeniable from the start: U of I has excellent regionally adapted germplasm, and LCS has advanced breeding techniques and a strong global presence in cereal crops. In 2014, U of I and LCS launched Varsity Idaho, a joint breeding program where each partner co-breeds, co-selects and co-releases new VI varieties.

Investing in the future of wheat

Local growers are reaping the benefits of the Varsity Idaho program on their farms with the portfolio of proven VI wheat varieties bred to thrive on Idaho, Washington and Oregon fields. They are also seeing a positive return on investment in the form of royalty payments dedicated to wheat research at the U of I College of Agricultural Life Sciences.

Varsity Idaho wheat
Varsity Idaho wheat

Varsity Idaho wheat varieties bred for the PNW