Fullest maturity
of the CoAXium SWWWs
stripe rust tolerance
test weight
Top yielder
in LCS high rainfall trials

LCS Hydra AX

Devouring grassy weeds as far as the eye can see, LCS Hydra AX is the fullest maturing CoAXium soft white winter wheat available in the market. Coupled with an intermediate height, LCS Hydra AX is ideal for more northern adaptations. This soft white wheat is also equipped with a heavy test weight and good stripe rust tolerance.

Grow wheat, not weeds

The CoAXium® Wheat Production System helps protect fields from annual and perennial grassy weeds that shrink yield through inter-crop competition and reduce overall crop quality.

CoAXium is built on four main pillars:

  • A superior ACCase-inhibiting herbicide: Aggressor
  • A patented, non-GMO herbicide tolerance trait: AXigen
  • A comprehensive stewardship package
  • Elite varieties adapted to your growing region
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Agronomic Features
LCS Hydra AXLCS Kraken AXVI Voodoo CL+SY Ovation
Test Weight62.261.358.660.4
Protein %11.312.111.012.2
Heading (Julian)147148145146
Plant Height (in.)36393235
Coleoptile Length (in.)
Straw StrengthGoodAverageExcellentExcellent
All available public and private data used in compiling scores
End-Use Quality
Overall QualityBaking QualityFlour ProteinMilling Quality
Data obtained from LCS Quality Laboratory.
Disease Tolerance
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*Aggressor™ herbicide is not registered or for sale in the U.S. Results may not predict future performance under extremely adverse or unique conditions, including race changes.
Protected by Patent #9,578,880, # 10,370,678 and # 11,130,962.
Unauthorized seed multiplication prohibited by law. U.S. Plant Variety Protection Number has been granted. Limited-use license agreement.
Bailey Jenks
Regional Commercial Manager, PNW
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