fine grind extra 81.5+% d.b.

variety by the American Malting Barley Association (AMBA)


content consistently

under 100 ppm

The Genie is in the bottle

LCS Genie is quickly becoming a preferred spring 2-Row option for all malt styles of beer across the US. With a malting profile tailored for the craft industry and yield levels that compete with barley feed varieties, LCS Genie was recently added to the AMBA list of recommended varieties. LCS Genie has naturally lower levels of protein, offering farmers utilizing high input management strategies an opportunity to push yields while still landing safely within contract specifications.

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Area of Adaptation
Malting Specifications
Specification2016 LCS1
Fort Collins,
2016 MSU2
2015 MSU3
2013 AMBA4
Idaho Falls,
2013 AMBA4
Pullman, Washington
Plump (On 6/64) (%)93.299.997.596.692.4
Moisture (%)10.815.188.3
Total Protein (% d.b.)10.9111111.6
Pre Harvest Sprouting (RVA)158115
DON (ppm)<0.10.1
Extract, Fine Grind (% d.b.)81.879.683.282.780.4
Wort Color (Deg. Lov.)1.5722.553.41.6
Diastatic Power (Deg. L)137173103143153
Alpha Amylase (D.U.)54.750.159.66061.4
Soluble Protein (% d.b.)
Total Protein (% d.b.)10.913.210.711.611.9
Soluble/Total Protein (% d.b.)40.432.442.846.938
Beta-Glucan (ppm)6667364851
Free Amino Nitrogen (FAN)175151206230168
Malt House Analysis 1
Chitting (%)Steep Out Moisture (%)Malt Yield (%)96-Hour Acrospire Count
0-1/4> 1/4-1/2> 1/2-3/4> 3/4-1> 1
  1. LCS data, obtained from Hartwick College:
  2. Data obtained from Winter Malting Barley Trial (WMBT):
  3. Data obtained from Michigan State University:
  4. Data obtained from the American Malting Barley Association:
Yield & Protein Content
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Agronomic Features
University of Idaho SouthOregon State
TW (lb/bu)Height (in)HeadingTW (lb/bu)Height (in)
LCS Genie49.726.7 3.2LCS Genie50.425.3
CDC Copeland49.134.3.5Full Pint53.525.2
AAC Synergy48.532.7-1.1CDC Copeland50.329.0
AC Metcalfe50.033.7-1.5AAC Synergy52.829.4
Moravian 6946.027.03.2
Montana State
TW (lb/bu)Height (in)HeadingTW (lb/bu)Height (in)Heading
LCS Genie53.727.23.253.924.53.4
CDC Copeland53.931.92.253.327.81.3
AC Metcalfe54.032.6-1.853.629.5-1.1
AAC Synergy52.531.
University of Minnesota
Lodging (1-9)Height (in)Heading (DOM*)
LCS Genie2.530.64.8
ND Genesis3.235.2-.9
AC Metcalfe4.935.0.6
AAC Synergy3.734.21.1
Michigan State
TW (lb/bu)Height (in)Heading (DOM*)PHS(RVA)
LCS Genie50.722.2.7115.3
CDC Copeland37.224.01.777.8
AC Metcalfe50.325.6-1.051.7
AAC Synergy50.424.7-1.736.7
Washington State
TW (lb/bu)Height (in)Heading (DOM*)
High RainfallLCS Genie52.328.38.0
CDC Copeland51.438.08.4
Medium RainfallLCS Genie53.126.32.5
CDC Copeland51.635.03.5
Low RainfallLCS Genie53.325.51.0
CDC Copeland52.534.03.0
Data sets are available in their entirety at individual university websites.
*Days off mean of trial

LCS Genie – Data

Results may not predict future performance under extremely adverse or unique conditions, including race changes.
Unauthorized seed multiplication prohibited by law. U.S. Plant Variety Protection Number has been granted.
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