Certified Winter Wheat Bred for the Pacific Northwest

Hard red winter wheat (HRWW) is the largest class of wheat produced throughout the United States. End users choose hard red winter varieties because the market class is known for its production versatility — moderately high protein content and excellent milling and baking characteristics. HRWW is used to make bread flour primarily, but it is also a popular choice for noodles, hard rolls and flatbreads.

LCS has continually provided HRWW farmers with dynamic, proven varieties. Our elite hard red winters are bred to serve a wide range of soil types and adaptation zones in the PNW.

LCS Eclipse AX
LCS Helix AX
LCS Blackbird
LCS Missile
Bailey Jenks, PNW Regional Commercial Manager
Bailey Jenks
Regional Commercial Manager, PNW
Dr. Dylan Larkin, PNW Wheat Breeder
Dr. Dylan Larkin
Wheat Breeder, PNW