A new standard for wheat and barley genetics

Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS) is a farmer-owned and farmer-run international agricultural cooperative. The people who plant and grow our seeds around the world power the products and inspire the innovations that put the future of agriculture right back where it belongs – in the hands of farmers.

LCS is headquartered in Colorado – centrally positioned to our research stations across the United States, as well as more than 25 participating land grant universities. We are dedicated to developing new, improved grain varieties bred expressly for our growers’ climates, soils and growing conditions.

Since 2010, Limagrain Cereal Seeds has transitioned from a new player in the U.S. wheat market to the company U.S. farmers rely on for improved wheat and barley genetics. We have more than 75 distinct varieties in the marketplace, representing the major market classes of wheat and barley, and we are constantly researching, breeding, testing and releasing new varieties to meet the needs of our growers.

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