Very good
stripe rust tolerance
Fusarium head blight tolerance
adaptation of the CoAXium varieties
Two-gene resistance
to Agressor brand herbicides

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For several years, Limagrain, Albaugh and the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation (CWRF) have been working together to bring farmers in the United States a new cost-effective tool for controlling the toughest yield-robbing grassy weeds. This new technology is now available for your farm.

LCS Helix AX has a strong straw, intermediate height, and improved stripe rust tolerance. Performing well in the Central Plains and Pacific Northwest, LCS Helix AX is demonstrating broad adaptability in both regions. As a bonus, LCS Helix AX has also shown desirable end-use quality.

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Also available in the Pacific Northwest
LCS Helix AX Adaptation Map
Area of Adaptation

The CoAXium Wheat Production System is built on four main pillars:

  • A superior ACCase-inhibiting herbicide: Aggressor
  • A patented, non-GMO herbicide tolerance trait: AXigen
  • A comprehensive stewardship package
  • Elite varieties adapted to your growing region

LCS Atomic AX is bred for superior control of persistent weeds

  • Bromus species
  • Feral rye and cereal rye
  • Jointed goatgrass
  • Wild oats
  • Volunteer cereals
Cleaner fields. Higher yields.
Agronomic Features | Central Plains
LCS Helix AXGallagherEverestTAM 111
Acid Soil ToleranceTolerantIntermediateTolerantSusceptible
Coleoptile LengthMedium-LongMedium-ShortMediumLong
Drought ToleranceExcellentGoodAverageVery Good
First Hollow StemIntermediateEarlyEarlyIntermediate
Seed SizeLargeLargeLargeSmall
Tolerance to ShatteringVery GoodVery GoodGoodVery Good
Straw StrengthVery GoodAverageVery GoodAverage
Test WeightExcellentAverageGoodGood
Tillering AbilityIntermediateHighIntermediateIntermediate
Winter-HardinessVery GoodGoodVery GoodAverage
Yield PotentialExcellentExcellentVery GoodGood
All available public and private data used in compiling scores.
End-Use Quality | Central Plains
Overall QualityBaking QualityDough PropertiesMilling Quality
DesirableDesirableMost DesirableAcceptable
Data obtained from LCS Quality Laboratory.
Disease Resistance | Central Plains
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LCS Helix AX – Data

*Aggressor™ herbicide is not registered or for sale in the U.S. Results may not predict future performance under extremely adverse or unique conditions, including race changes.
Data Source
Unauthorized seed multiplication prohibited by law. U.S. Plant Variety Protection Number has been applied for.
Nathan Miller
Regional Commercial Manager,
Central Plains
O: 316.737.7780
2020 Central Plains
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