performance in MSU
yield summary
Very good
straw strength and
short stature
U.S. Wheat Yield Competition
winner 2 years running
Long coleoptile
similar to Judee
Agronomic Features
LCS JetKeldinYellowstoneJudeeWarhorse
Test Weight59.262.360.562.261.5
Protein 12.812.212.813.813.7
Heading (Julian)161.9160.9162.7160.5161.9
Plant Height (inches)27.831.532.931.630.3
Straw StrengthExcellentGoodGoodAverageAverage
1-year average | All available public and private data used in compiling scores.
End-Use Quality
Overall QualityBaking QualityFlour ProteinMilling Quality
DesirableDesirableAcceptableMost Desirable
Data obtained for LCS Quality Laboratory
Disease Tolerance
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LCS Jet – Data

Results may not predict future performance under extremely adverse or unique conditions, including race changes.
Unauthorized seed multiplication prohibited by law. U.S. Plant Variety Protection Number has been granted.
Troy Gerding
Regional Commercial Manager, Northern Plains
Northern Plains Seed Guide