Call us wheat geeks.

We consider it a badge of honor.

Our portfolio of Pacific Northwest varieties has been carefully selected to serve the complex and highly diverse cereals market in Washington, Oregon and Idaho. This year, more than 32 LCS, Varsity Idaho and Norwest varieties in six major market classes have topped trials and are available to growers. Next year, we’ll introduce the first CoAXium® soft white winter wheat varieties to the market for ultimate grassy weed control.

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The first-ever CoAXium soft white winter wheats and the first CoAXium hard red winter wheat bred for the Pacific Northwest are here. Get CoAXium grassy weed control for your acres:

LCS Scorpion AX

Medium height SWWW with strong straw

LCS Reaper AX

Shorter plant with excellent straw strength

LCS Dagger AX

Broadly adapted and early SWWW

LCS Hydra AX

Fullest maturing CoAXium SWWW

LCS Kraken AX

Medium-early, winter-hardy SWWW


Very early, stripe rust-tolerant SWWW


Very early SWWW with SBWMV allele

LCS Eclipse AX

HRWW with good straw strength

Soft White Winter Wheat

The Pacific Northwest (PNW) is the largest U.S. soft white winter wheat (SWWW) producer. Three million acres are planted annually on average, yielding 200+ million bushels. SWWW is a leading U.S. export and is used domestically for making baked goods. The PNW is also a bountiful producer of soft white spring wheat, hard red winter and spring wheat, hard white winter and spring wheat, and spring barley.

Driven by Innovation

The Limagrain Cereal Seeds PNW program is based in Walla Walla, Washington. LCS programs produce thousands of new crosses annually, a proportion of which are bred exclusively for the Pacific Northwest. The most promising new crosses are quickly cycled through our doubled haploid program. Other proprietary germplasm is field tested in off-site nurseries located throughout the Pacific Northwest. Additional technologies, such as marker assisted selection (MAS), are used to produce varieties with specific traits that provide beneficial resistance to various pests and pathogens, as well as excellent end-use characteristics.

Proven PNW Varieties

At LCS, we stand behind the fact that all our PNW varieties have been extensively studied and field tested for consistency and performance across a wide range of environments and conditions long before they ever make their way to the farmer.

Learn More

To learn more about our elite PNW varieties, click on the variety name organized by market class on the top right of this page or contact Regional Commercial Manager, Bailey Jenks.

To obtain the most accurate technical data possible, ratings and scores are comprised of all available LCS and public research data. The results presented on this website may not be an indicator of results you may obtain in your individual location, as local growing conditions — including soil type and weather — may vary. All growers are advised to evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible. Links to current university data are available on our Performance Data page.

Bailey Jenks, PNW Regional Commercial Manager
Bailey Jenks
Regional Commercial Manager, PNW
Dr. Dylan Larkin, PNW Wheat Breeder
Dr. Dylan Larkin
Wheat Breeder, PNW