Very heavy test weight
consistent trial topper
Good tolerance
to stripe rust
Excellent performance
in WSU low rainfall trials
Taller plant type
ideal for low rainfall

Levitate your production

VI Presto CL+ is part of the next generation of soft white winter wheat two-gene Clearfield Plus varieties in the Pacific Northwest. VI Presto CL+ has improved winter-hardiness, taller plant height, and even better stripe rust and C-stripe tolerance. We expect VI Presto CL+ and VI Voodoo CL+ to complement each other, taking over what UI Magic CL+ started.

  • Provides broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control, resulting in cleaner fields and greater yields
  • ¬†Reduces dockage/grain discounts caused by weed seed in harvested grain
  • Allows for split application of herbicide
Agronomic Features
VI Presto CL+Piranha CL+UI Magic CL+LCS ArtdecoNorwest Duet
Test Weight61.258.659.759.658.6
Protein %10.810.510.311.310.5
Winter-HardinessGoodGoodBelow Avg.Below Avg.Good
Heading (Julian)154154153151154
Plant Height (in.)3735323135
Coleoptile Length (in.)
Straw StrengthExcellentAverageExcellentExcellentAverage
All available public and private data used in compiling scores.
End-Use Quality
Overall QualityBaking QualityFlour ProteinMilling Quality
Data obtained from the LCS and U of I Quality Laboratories
Disease Tolerance
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Results may not predict future performance under extremely adverse or unique conditions, including race changes.
Unauthorized seed multiplication prohibited by law. U.S. Plant Variety Protection Number has been granted.
Bailey Jenks
Regional Commercial Manager, PNW
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