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Central Plains Wheat and Barley Seed Varieties

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We consider it a badge of honor.

LCS gives growers in Montana, Utah and Wyoming access to cutting-edge spring wheat and winter wheat genetics. LCS CoAXium® varieties deliver unprecedented control over yield-robbing grassy weeds. Conventional LCS lines provide targeted on-field performance so you can find the best wheat variety for every acre. All LCS wheat lines are bred to do what you most need: max out yield.

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LCS in the Mountain West

Whether you’re looking for superior yield-protein balance, blockbuster yield and/or market-leading quality. Our wheat varieties are bred with your climate, soil and growing conditions in mind. We look forward to helping you select the best varieties for your acres.

Driven by innovation

The Limagrain Cereals Research Canada (LCRC) breeding program is based in Saskatoon, Canada under Wheat Breeder Dr. Andrea Varella. The LCRC program produces hundreds of new crosses annually, targeted for specific regional adaptation zones in the Mountain West. During summer months, proprietary germplasm is field tested in Montana and across the region.

Proven Mountain West varieties

At LCS, we stand behind the fact that all our Mountain West varieties have been extensively studied and field tested for consistency and performance across a wide range of environments and conditions long before they ever make their way to the farmer.

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To learn more about our elite Mountain West wheat varieties, click on the variety name organized by market class on the top right of this page or contact Regional Commercial Manager Zach Thibault.

To obtain the most accurate technical data possible, ratings and scores are comprised of all available LCS and public research data. The results presented on this website may not be an indicator of results you may obtain in your individual location, as local growing conditions — including soil type and weather — may vary. All growers are advised to evaluate data from multiple locations and years whenever possible. Links to current university data are available on our Performance Data page.

Our portfolio of Mountain West genetics is bred to serve a range of different grower needs. LCS is proud to be the source farmers trust for proven wheat genetics in this diverse region.

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Zach Thibault
Zach Thibault
Regional Commercial Manager, Mountain West
LCS Mountain West Seed Guide
Mountain West Seed Guide