Certified Winter Wheat Bred for the Central Plains

Kansas farmers rank first in the United States in the production of hard red winter wheat (HRWW), producing more than 275 million bushels in each of the last five years. Hard red winter wheat varieties are widely adapted throughout the Central Plains, including Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Nebraska.

Hard red winter wheat is the largest class of winter wheat and the largest class of overall wheat produced in the United States. This is due to the versatility of hard red winter wheats, which feature moderately high protein content and excellent end-use quality. HRWW is used principally in the production of bread flour, but is also often chosen for Asian noodles, hard rolls and flatbreads.

LCS Warbird AX
LCS Galloway AX
LCS Atomic AX
LCS Helix AX
LCS Photon AX
LCS Radar
LCS Julep
Dan Dall
Regional Commercial Manager, Central Plains
Dr. Marla Barnett
Senior Wheat Breeder,
Central Plains