Give weeds the AX in 2022
Give weeds the AX in 2022

CoAXium® winter and spring wheat varieties

The solution for yield-robbing weeds you’ve been asking for is here — CoAXium hard red winter wheat, soft white winter wheat and hard red spring wheat varieties. Certified seed is available for planting, and we expect it to go fast.

Big on yield, tough on weeds

The CoAXium Wheat Production System combines elite varieties and a patented non-GMO herbicide tolerance trait known as AXigen® with Aggressor® AX brand herbicides. This combination helps protect fields from annual and perennial grassy weeds that shrink yield through inter-crop competition and reduce overall crop quality. There isn’t a better solution for cost-effective, superior weed control.

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Limagrain Cereal Seeds CoAXium Comparison
Limagrain Cereal Seeds CoAXium Comparison
Without Aggressor®With Aggressor®

Without Aggressor®

With Aggressor®

Stewardship is critical to prolonging the utility, features and benefits of CoAXium technology. Growers must:

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Grow wheat, not weeds

CoAXium SWWW, HRWW and HRSW varieties are part of the next generation of elite wheat varieties from Limagrain Cereal Seeds. Bred with your growing conditions in mind, our game-changing CoAXium varieties have been tested and retested for trait tolerance, seedling vigor, disease resistance, adaptation and yield in a wide variety of growing conditions.

Find the best CoAXium wheat varieties for your acres

CoAXium wheat varieties bred for the Central Plains

CoAXium wheat varieties bred for the PNW

Meet your new arsenal for grassy weed control in the Pacific Northwest, the first-ever CoAXium soft white winter wheat varieties and a novel CoAXium hard white winter wheat variety adapted exclusively for PNW acres.

CoAXium wheat varieties bred for the Northern Plains

Limagrain Cereal Seeds is creating new elite CoAXium wheat genetics all the time.

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