Group Limagrain…an international farming community

Born of a desire to bring farmers together in order to build market power, Limagrain Group was founded as a farmer’s cooperative in France in 1942. Today, still farmer-owned, the company has 7,000 employees and is the largest seed company in the European Union and the largest cereal seed producer in the world.

The new North American subsidiary, Limagrain Cereal Seeds, is Limagrain Group’s first American operation for cereal breeding. In the US, the company will focus on wheat research and the creation of new improved cultivars for US wheat growers.

Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, Limagrain Cereal Seeds is centrally located to universities like Colorado State, Kansas State, University of Minnesota, University of Nebraska, Purdue, Virginia Tech among others, and the prime wheat growing regions in WA, IN, MN and KS.