Last November at the Tri-State Grain Growers convention, we had the first conversation about combining efforts with a few different organizations to host a large field day in N. Idaho. Like the beginning of many great ideas, this one started in the Hospitality Suite after a few Pendleton’s with our friends from the University of Idaho and CHS Primeland. It was our hope to put on a collaborative event, with the goal of having 100 growers attend. And, if it was a success, plan an even larger event the next year!

At the beginning of our joint field day, we had over 150 in attendance, and a dozen vendors in place showing off new farm equipment, trucks and crop protection options. Speakers from all three collaborators put on a lunch presentation, which also included give-a-ways from vendors.

UI Extension Agronomist Doug Finklnberg, CHS Primeland Plant Manager Kevin Whittaker and LCS Chief Operating Officer Frank Curtis kick off the event.

University of Idaho Associate Dean and Director of UI Extension, Barbara Petty, speaks to the audience on the power of synergy between the 3 organizations hosting the event.

CHS Primeland General Manager, Ken Blakeman, gives a commodities market update after lunch.

Northern Idaho winery, Lindsay Creek Vineyards, graciously lent their facility for our event. Field Day guests were treated to samples of their 2015 Valley Red and Valley White blends.

The crop tour included a look at 50 wheat varieties, including the newest LCS advanced experimental lines and 5 co-bred SWW lines from the UI & LCS. The tour ended with a demonstration of the new CoAXium Wheat Production system.

Kurt Schroeder, Jay Kalous and Frank Curtis guide guests through the variety trial.

Dr. Mike Flowers, LCS, speaks on the CoAXium Wheat Production system.

All in all, I’d say we blew the lid off of our expectations for this event. It was great to partner at this level with two world class organizations. I think it is safe to say there will be another “Northern Idaho Collaborative Field Day” in 2019. Make sure you don’t miss it! And honestly, the made to order artisan donuts at the beginning of the event were incredible.

Perfect way to start the day with Lil Manz donuts and coffee.

Fantastic turnout for the field tour: 150+


Zach Gaines