Fields of LCS Genie

It's a Tap Takeover!

June 2015 - Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS) let the Genie out of the bottle at its Acres to Ales Tap Takeover event at local watering hole, the Mayor of Old Town—a Genie with the potential to revolutionize the craft beer industry.

Guest Blogger - Dean Wilson

Stem Rust Screening

In the Central Plains, fungal diseases have been virtually non-existent during the last two growing seasons. So how do we make progress fighting disease when there is no selection pressure out in the field?

11/20/14 - Guest Blogger Brent Conrady

Wichita Prep Work or "How to have a Ripping-Good Time"

If you drove by the research station in Wichita this past week, you might have seen a big piece of machinery working in the field.

The Art of the Field Day - 2014

6 Field Days in 60 Days - Mother Nature Willing

Each year the LCS commercial and research teams come together to host 4 to 6 field day events in our key sales regions where we invite our seed dealers, their best customers and other industry partners from universities and state seed organizations. Amidst note taking and harvest preparation, our plant breeding teams break seasonal stride to become entertainers for a day, and as a group, we host these events over a period of 8-9 weeks each summer.

New Zealand Seed Production

Counter-Season / Counter-Hemisphere

New Zealand is home to the world's record for wheat yield - 15.6 tons/hectare or
232 bushels/acre. So why not try some production there?

Limagrain Corporate AGORA Meeting

Ken McClintock Represents Limagrain Cereal Seeds

I was very fortunate to represent Limagrain Cereal Seeds at our corporate AGORA Meeting in Vienna, Austria - June 10th and 11th.

Wheat Breeding on the Final Frontier

LCS Trekkie, Sarah, discusses wheat breeding the only way a Trekkie knows how - with Tribbles!

Hi, I’m Sarah and I do a lot of different jobs here at the Limagrain Cereal Seeds Fort Collins office, including being the resident Trekkie (and because I know someone out there is asking, my favorite captain is Janeway). As a Trekkie, I often claim that there is something in Star Trek for almost everything in life!

“But Sarah,” you say, “You cannot guest blog for a wheat company and talk about Star Trek.” Oh yes I can, thanks to a wonderful Original Series episode called “Trouble with Tribbles.”

On the road with Frank Curtis

A Blog by Frank Curtis- Executive VP and COO

There’s nothing like a good road trip (or a road / air trip) to really bring the geographical diversity of the USA sharply into focus! Leaving Denver after an overnight low of 19 DegF, I was plunged into 91 DegF on arrival at Phoenix Sky Harbor and was ill-equipped to deal with it in my sweater and jacket! Noting that the two extremes of temperature that I experienced that day were in fact a palindrome, I turned the AC up to max and headed off across the desert, through the oddly shaped rock formations and the towering cacti of Arizona to visit some wheat trials.

Winter in Yuma

The LCS HRSW Counter-Season Nursery

A Blog by Brad Erker - LCS Product Development Manager

LCS is always excited about bringing new genetics to farmers as quickly as possible. For new Hard Red Spring wheat varieties, one of the things we do to speed things along is plant a winter crop in the far reaches of Arizona to gain an extra year in the commercialization process.