Steel is the New Gold-Standard in K-State Trial

– LCS Steel AX has achieved a commanding victory as the best yielding wheat in Kansas State’s Wheat Variety Tests for Sedgwick and Sumner County. Using our cutting-edge weed control system, CoAXium, LCS Steel AX has outperformed competitors with an extraordinary average yield, reaffirming that when it comes to our commitment to pioneering agricultural success, we get results.

LCS Steel AX delivered an average yield of 34 Bushels per acre, surpassing the competition by an impressive margin. Compared to the overall mean yield of 26 Bushels per acre, LCS Steel AX demonstrated remarkable performance, achieving 30.8% higher yields. Even more striking, it outperformed the second-place entry by a significant 17.2%. making it the best yielding wheat in Kansas State’s trial.

LCS Steel AX’s triumph in the K-State Wheat Variety Tests underscores LCS’s unrivaled ability to deliver unprecedented yields and grassy weed control to farmers in Sedgwick and Sumner County and surrounding areas with its CoAXium wheat varieties. If you are interested in planting LCS Steel AX in your fields, find a dealer near you, or give our Regional Commercial Manager Dan a call for more info.

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Dan Dall
Regional Commercial Manager, Central Plains
Dr. Marla Barnett
Senior Wheat Breeder,
Central Plains