Guest Blogger - Dean Wilson

Stem Rust Screening

In the Central Plains, fungal diseases have been virtually non-existent during the last two growing seasons. So how do we make progress fighting disease when there is no selection pressure out in the field?

Ag History Lesson & Father's Day

Marla remembers dear old Dad!

Wheat harvest in south central Kansas usually starts around Father's Day. This is very appropriate as most everyone's dad (in Kansas, anyway) is involved in wheat harvest. It seems fitting to be with your dad harvesting wheat on "his" day.

Virus Symptoms showing in Oklahoma

Marla is "a mite concerned' about the health of some wheat plots!

Y'all remember my last blog about inoculating wheat plants with wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV)? Well, we recently took the ratings from this screening test.

Dr. Norman Borlaug's 100th birthday

CIMMYT hosts conference & celebration

March 25, 2014 would have been Norman Borlaug’s 100th birthday. For those of you who don’t know exactly who Dr. Borlaug is, this blog is for you.

3/11/14 - How to make Wheat Streak Mosaic Virus soup!

The LCS Hard Red Winter Wheat breeding program in Wichita went viral, both physically and literately! John Fellers, USDA ARS Molecular Biologist at Manhattan, showed us how to make wheat sick with wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV).

ACL Meeting & Roman Holiday

Caio from Rome!

My recent travels for work took me to Italy for the annual ACL meeting with the Limagrain Group. I’m always fascinated when attending ACL because I meet great people and commiserate with colleagues, like green bean breeders from Wisconsin and Japanese tomato breeders.

In the Nick of Time

January finds me in Indiana at the greenhouse making crosses. This is my absolute favorite part of my job as a breeder. Generating the new crosses that will eventually be in the hands of farmers is exciting!

Making successful pollinations, and thus generating new F1 seed, requires a lot of things but most importantly is good timing.

What is Brent Doing?

If you have passed by the Wichita Research Station this November you may have seen me crouching with my face to the ground. Do not worry, I am not hurt, this is part of the job. This year Limagrain has started to look at some agronomy questions and that is just me collecting results.

A New Airport for Wichita

Working for an international seed company, I occasionally get the opportunity to travel. Well, to be honest, it’s slightly more than occasionally – though I do have colleagues who travel more. And yes, I’m both thankful and jealous of that at the same time. Regardless of the frequency, I think we can all agree that air travel isn’t the glamorous adventure it once was.

Well, a new airport for Wichita, the self-proclaimed “Air Capital of the World,” might do something to restore that image for me.

LCS Wizard

Hard Red Winter Wheat release by LCS

LCS has a new Hard Red Winter Wheat variety. LCH08-80 has been released and named LCS Wizard. I'd like to tell you a few things about it.

Harvest Blog

On the road with the 2013 harvest crew

The super moon of June 22 and 23 was indeed a harvest moon for much of Oklahoma and Kansas. Harvest crews have been hard at work this past weekend, including my LCS harvest crew.

The Wichita Crew is in Full Swing

It Is officially Wheat Field Season

We have been doing a lot of different things during the month of May. We held our Field Day on the 15th, had several international visitors, and hosted our fellow LCS breeder crews during our internal LCS breeders meeting. All of this combined with our regular research work.

Wheat in Trial Plots

Enid, OK

Dr. Marla Barnett, hard red winter Wheat Breeder, shows off a few of her popular wheat varieties and a few other wheat varieties in trial plots down in Enid, Oklahoma.