Virus Symptoms showing in Oklahoma

Marla is "a mite concerned" about the health of some wheat plots! Y'all remember my last blog about inoculating wheat plants with wheat streak mosaic virus (WSMV)? Well, we recently took the ratings from this screening test. Rating diseases is done visually by assessing the symptoms and damage caused by the pathogen. In the [...]

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ACL Meeting & Roman Holiday

Caio from Rome! My recent travels for work took me to Italy for the annual ACL meeting with the Limagrain Group. The ACL meeting, or Association de Chercheurs Limagrain, is an annual event hosted in a different city each biannual, with the main goal of reinforcing l’esprit de corps within Limagrain. Okay, so I [...]

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In the Nick of Time

January finds me in Indiana at the greenhouse making crosses. This is my absolute favorite part of my job as a breeder. Generating the new crosses that will eventually be in the hands of farmers is exciting! But if truth be told, I just really like sitting in a warm greenhouse, quietly removing anthers [...]

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