Get to know our new Regional Commercial Manager for the Central Plains, Nathan Miller. Nathan will now be your go-to person for all things LCS in the Central Plains. 



Hello, my name is Nathan Miller and I am the Regional Commercial Manager for the Central Plains, connecting farmers with wheat seed dealers in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Nebraska. I grew up in the St.John/Great Bend, Kansas area. Our family currently resides around the Wichita area. I received my associate degree from Barton Community College and my bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University. I had the blessing of playing for both universities’ collegiate baseball teams. I’ve always had a strong passion for agriculture, but it really took off when the local farmer and his son I was working for in high school got me a job at Great Bend Coop. I was blessed with a great mentor there and a few more along the way that really helped my knowledge, passion, and experience when it came to seed genetics, operations, crop scouting, conducting trials, and many other crop production aspects. Throughout it all the two things that drive my passion have stayed the same: how can I assist anyone, especially the farmer, reach their goals and give them the greatest chance at success.

Harvesting Research Wheat Seed in Kansas

Spending some time on the research combine.

As the Regional Commercial Manager for the Central Plains, I feel my number one objective is to provide the best value, advice, products, and friendship that I can. I will be assisting our research team in providing a helping hand and bringing forth top-of-the-line small grain products. I will also be providing agronomic and product information for our great wheat seed dealer network, their retail partners, and growers.  Another duty that I’m extremely excited about is the opportunity to advocate for agriculture and the wheat industry. I also enjoy assisting on the family farm and lending a helping hand for friend’s farming operations.

Harvesting Hard Red Winter Wheat Seed
Combining Hard Red Winter Wheat Seed in the Central Plains

Always reading for a ride-along with farmers and friends.

I have only been with LCS since June, but I have really enjoyed the opportunity to meet many great dealers, farmers, and industry professionals. Being able to get a firsthand look at the breeding process and learning from our Central Plains research team has been awesome. Playing a small hand in bringing forth new wheat varieties to the market is like a dream come true.  I look forward to being a part of a top-notch breeding program that is dedicated to providing the best wheat and small grain products in the marketplace to assist our partnered dealerships, their ag retail providers, and farmers.

Nathan Miller, Limagrain Cereal Seeds Regional Commerical Manager for the Central Plains, Harvesting Research Plots of Hard Red Winter Wheat Seed
Nathan Miller, Limagrain Cereal Seeds Regional Commerical Manager for the Central Plains, With His Son in a Field Of Hard Red Winter Wheat

~ Nathan Miller

Region Commercial Manager, Central Plains

Limagrain Cereal Seeds


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