A closer look at some of Limagrain Cereal Seed’s soft white winter wheats.

The Pacific Northwest has more varying microclimates than any other wheat producing region in the US. Growing conditions range from high precipitation with cold winters to low rainfall with severe heat and anything in between. In addition, there is the challenge of varying diseases, untimely rains and dockage factors sometimes unforeseen until the crop hits the local elevator. Luckily, elite breeding programs have been up to the challenge, making strategic cultivar selections to help combat some of these variables. Pacific Northwest wheat farmers now have more variety options today than ever before. However, with all these varieties it can be challenging to decide what is the best option for your farm.

Limagrain Cereal Seeds (LCS) has over 16 variety options in soft white winter wheat, alone. Although selecting the ideal variety for your farm will greatly depend on your own personal preferences and the environmental conditions during any given year, here is our advice when considering some of your options.

LCS Shine

  • An awnless variety like Bobtail, with the same top-end yield potential and greatly improved test weight.
  • Early maturing, allowing for low rainfall adaptation.
  • Top yielding variety across one, two and three-year averages in OSU intermediate to low rainfall trials. Also, top yielding variety in WSU 12-16” and <12” rainfall zones.
  • Great stripe rust and C-Stripe tolerance, intermediate crown rot tolerance and desirable end-use quality.

LCS Ghost

  • Same early maturity as LCS Artdeco but even more yield potential.
  • This awnless variety will offer a yield kick in blends.
  • Highest yielding variety across three-years in OSU’s high rainfall data. In addition, LCS Ghost was second only to LCS Shine across a three-years in OSU low rainfall averages.

LCS Shark

  • An ideal fit for growers struggling with Soilborne wheat mosaic virus (SBWMV).
  • Beyond SBWMV tolerance, LCS Shark has proven to be a strong all-around variety.
  • As another early maturing line with good stripe rust resistance and very good straw strength, this variety will perform well from intermediate to high rainfall regions.

LCS Drive

  • Short and stiff straw, ideal for irrigated and high rainfall settings.
  • The early maturity of LCS Drive also performs well under low rainfall conditions.
  • For example, over three years, OSU data shows LCS Drive as #1 in Moro and #5 in Hermiston.
  • The combination of straw strength, stripe rusts tolerance and early maturity has also made this a popular option for blends.

Norwest Tandem,

  • A collaborative variety with Oregon State University.
  • Early maturing, good test weight, short height and strong straw.
  • Broadly adapted, from the low rainfall of Oregon into the high rainfall of Washington.
  • OSU data shows Norwest Tandem as a top-ten variety across a three-year average in high and low rainfall zones.

LCS Hulk

  • Intermediate maturity with good winter hardiness, strong straw and excellent test weight.
  • One of the most broadly adapted varieties in the LCS portfolio, LCS Hulk’s medium maturity allows this variety to move further North into Washington.
  • Solid disease package, being tolerant to stripe rust, crown rot and C-Stripe.
  • Three years of excellent falling number data from WSU trials.

UI Magic CL+

  • Most widely grown two-gene Clearfield in the PNW.
  • Continues to exhibit excellent on-farm performance.
  • Earliest maturing two-gene currently available, with a broad range of adaptation.

A Few Others:

  • LCS Sonic and Norwest Duet are both tall, later maturing varieties with good disease packages. Ideal for the Washington low-rainfall producer along HWY 395 and HWY 2.
  • The University of Idaho and LCS collaboration, known as Varsity Idaho, has two new releases. VI Bulldog is an awnless variety for high rainfall producers. VI Frost is a winter hardy variety for low rainfall areas of Northern Washington.
  • LCS Jet is a hard red winter wheat that continues to top trials throughout the PNW.
  • LCS Rocket is a new hard red winter that offers genetic diversity in the high rainfall and irrigated settings.
  • LCS Blackjack is a brand-new release! Excellent yield potential across a wide range of adaptation combined with a great disease package.