A mixograph is a lab instrument that wheat breeding programs use to measure the strength of flour. Flour and water are put in a bowl that sets on a platform connected to a spring. The more movement of the platform, the stronger the flour.

Mixograph of LCS Jet.

The concept is similar to a seismograph that measures the force and duration of an earthquake. Instead, we are measuring the force and duration of gluten, the power source that allows bread to rise and hold its shape.

To find the one that is worthy of farmer production and your grocery store shelf, thousands of mixographs are ran from many locations each year by wheat breeding programs.

At the LCS quality lab, we use a computerized mixograph system that is easy to use and share mixograph data with the LCS Scientists (Wheat Breeders) that have dedicated their lives to finding high yielding strong wheat.

Plant breeding is important. We at Limagrain are working to preserve food and it is in our best interest to respect and respond to the environment, farmer and consumer.

Hayley Butler, Quality Lab Manager