Buck Pronto

Yield, Protein, Profit... PRONTO!

Hard Red Spring Wheat

Buck Pronto has established itself as a high protein hard red spring wheat leader for the PNW. With consistently good yield potential, Buck Pronto produces large amounts of high quality grain--loaded with protein. It does this faster and earlier than other varieties in the market class. Buck Pronto heads and ripens up to five days earlier than other HRSW varieties (three to four days before Jefferson).

Agronomically, Buck Pronto is adapted to perform equally well in both irrigated and dryland settings. Good straw strength and a shorter overall height help hold up the plentiful amount of tillers produced by this variety. Along with high protein, Buck Pronto has desirable milling and baking qualities. For growers looking for a hard red spring wheat with proven quality, Buck Pronto is an excellent choice.

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