tolerance to stripe and stem rust
milling and baking quality
in a hard white winter wheat
tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting
Early maturity
with excellent yield

Mythical yields, legendary quality

LCS Yeti is our first hard white winter wheat to be released for the Central Plains region. The overall end-use quality for this new release is excellent, with highly desirable milling and baking quality. The yield potential for LCS Yeti is very high in western Kansas locations. This variety’s excellent disease package is led by good resistance to soil-borne mosaic virus and current races of stripe rust.

Central Plains Data

Agronomic Features | Central Plains
LCS YetiJoeAnteroStardust
Acid Soil ToleranceTolerantMod. SusceptibleMod. Tolerant
Coleoptile LengthMedium-LongMediumMedium
Drought ToleranceVery GoodGoodGoodBelow Average
Fall Ground CoverGoodAverageVery Good
First Hollow StemIntermediateIntermediate IntermediateLater Than Most
MaturityEarlyMedium-LateMediumMod. Early
All available public and private data used in compiling scores.
End-Use Quality | Central Plains
Overall QualityBaking QualityFlour ProteinMilling Quality
Data obtained from LCS Quality Laboratory.
Disease Resistance | Central Plains
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LCS Yeti – Central Plains Data


Pacific Northwest Data

Agronomic Features | Pacific Northwest
LCS YetiUI Silver
Test Weight62.362.3
Protein %11.39.7
Winter-HardinessVery GoodVery Good
Heading (Julian)158.0163.0
Plant Height (inches)25.028.0
Straw StrengthGoodModerate
2017 UI South dryland average | All available public and private data used in compiling scores
End-Use Quality | Pacific Northwest
Overall QualityBaking QualityFlour ProteinMilling Quality
Most DesirableMost DesirableDesirableAcceptable
Data obtained from LCS Quality Laboratory
Disease Resistance | Pacific Northwest
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LCS Yeti – Pacific Northwest Data

Results may not predict future performance under extremely adverse or unique conditions, including race changes.
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