106% of 2017
trial mean superior yield
in the mid-south region
Excellent tolerance
to current strains of stripe rust
Seven Top-10
finishes for yield in 2016 Y4 testing

Locked and loaded for your acres

LCS Ammo is the newest branded release for the soft red winter wheat market. Over the past two seasons, LCS Ammo has put up excellent yield numbers in the Midsouth, Atlantic and Lower Midwest regions of the US. The disease resistance package for LCS Ammo is led by excellent resistance to current races of Stripe and Leaf Rust, with very good tolerance to Fusarium Head Blight. A shorter variety with a medium-early maturity and bearded head, LCS Ammo was bred to fill the bin.

Agronomic Features
Head TypeBearded
Plant MaturityMedium-Early
Heading Date (days off mean)+1.0
Test WeightAverage
Plant Height (inches)35.6
Straw StrengthExcellent
Disease Resistance
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Individual Yield
Trial MeanLCS AmmoAM444Croplan9415Becks 125P26R41SR7353Hilliard
2017 Elite Trial
Upper Midwestbu/ac102.193.6109.3104.5105.1106.7104.4105.8
% mean100.00%91.70%107.10%102.30%103.00%104.50%102.30%103.60%
Lower Midwestbu/ac85.280.995.290.789.894.389.993.7
% mean100.00%94.90%111.70%106.40%105.30%110.70%105.50%109.90%
% mean100.00%105.50%117.50%110.90%110.50%104.10%117.30%112.40%
% mean100.00%102.80%108.40%104.90%115.20%102.90%112.20%112.90%
2016 Y4-1 Trial
Upper Midwestbu/ac98.893.9110.6114.9110.5107.5109.1
% mean100.00%95.00%112.00%116.30%111.90%108.80%110.50%
Lower Midwestbu/ac71.2897782.876.983.790.2
% mean100.00%125.00%108.20%116.40%108.10%117.50%126.70%
% mean100.00%104.90%109.10%103.90%103.40%103.80%104.40%
% mean100.00%98.60%98.00%109.00%104.00%95.10%114.20%
All data obtained from the LCS SRWW breeding program
Results may not predict future performance under extremely adverse or unique conditions, including race changes.
Unauthorized seed multiplication prohibited by law. U.S. Plant Variety Protection Number has been granted.
Zach Gaines
National Sales and Marketing Manager
P: 970.498.2204