It’s that time of the year when winter wheat growers are once again thinking about moisture: is there enough to justify applying a shot of nitrogen, or, perhaps you’re in an area where you’re waiting on just a little moisture to make that application. Regardless, it’s also the time of year when the major wheat growing states in the Central Plains have their yearly crop improvement meetings. Seed companies, and many seed associates, come together to discuss and receive information on new products, new traits and new updates to the certification standards for that coming year.

I recently attended the Kansas Crop Improvement meeting in Manhattan, KS. With a great mix of people, matched with one of the best towns in Kansas, this has always been one of my favorite meetings. This year’s agenda was especially informative for the attendees, as Chad Shelton from Albaugh, LLC gave an update on the new CoAXium Wheat Production System that was launched by Limagrain, Albaugh, and the Colorado Wheat Research Foundation in the Fall of 2017.

As the conference began to wind to a close, it was time for the LCS meeting. I guess you could say they saved the best for last! I detailed our product lineup for 2018. Featured were LCS Avenger, LCS Fusion AX, and our very first white wheat release in the Central Plains, LCS Yeti. Sr. Breeder, Dr. Marla Barnett, gave a wheat breeding update, and discussed the new breeding techniques we’re using and a few experimental varieties to watch for this year. To finish up, I thanked all the Limagrain distributors in the room for their support and sales of LCS varieties this past year. Lastly, and like I do every year, I had the privilege of recognizing my top five seed distributors for their sales in 2017. The five recognized were: David Walker, Polansky Seeds, Solomon Rapids Seed, Kauffman Seeds and, our very first winner from Nebraska, Randy Peters Seed Farms. I presented the winners with LCS dealers signs and LCS jackets for their efforts this year.

Many thanks to everyone who took time out of their busy days to spend it with us in Manhattan, to join with others in this industry with the hope of improving the seed industry in Kansas and the rest of the Central Plains.


Drew Hendricker, Central Region Sales Manager