Central Plains

Wheat producing acres in the central plains are planted almost entirely each year with the Hard Red Winter market class (HRWW). Within the region, HRWW is grown both under irrigation and on dryland acres. The traditional wheat-summer fallow production practice, producing one crop every two years, has largely been replaced with a no-till wheat, row-crop, fallow system producing two crops every three years.
Hard Red Winter Wheat is also the major class of wheat produced throughout the United States. In 2012, 30 million acres of HRWW (58% of the total winter wheat crop) were planted in the US, equating to over 1 billion bushels produced. Kansas farmers rank first in the US in the production of HRWW, with over 275 million bushels being produced in each of the last five years. Production in the US also comes from the Central Plains states of TX, OK, CO, NE, SD, ND and the Pacific Northwestern states of MT, WA, OR and ID.

A Versatile Class

End-users choose Hard Red Winter varieties because the class is known for its production versatility, due to moderately high protein content and excellent milling and baking characteristics. HRWW is used principally in the production of bread flour, but is also often chosen for Asian noodles, hard rolls and flatbreads.

Our Locations

The Limagrain Cereal Seeds Central Plains program is based out of Wichita, Kansas. The program is headed by Wheat Breeder Dr. Marla Barnett. LCS programs produce 2,500 new crosses annually, a portion of which are HRWW lines. The most promising new crosses are quickly cycled through our Doubled Haploid program. Other proprietary germplasm is field tested in off-site nurseries located throughout the Central Plains. During off-season months, rapid cycle germplasm progression occurs through our Single Seed Descent facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. Additional technologies like Marker Assisted Selection (MAS) are used to produce varieties containing specific genes that provide beneficial resistance to various pests and pathogens, as well as excellent end-user characteristics.

Extensive Testing

At Limagrain Cereal Seeds LLC, we stand behind the fact that all varieties produced in our Central Plains breeding program have been extensively studied and field tested for consistency and performance across a wide range of environments and conditions long before they ever make their way to the farmer.

More Information

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